Park operation is funded solely from Donated Contributions, Ticket Sales, and Concessions
With all donated contributions going towards maintianing the Kiddie Park, it falls under the care of the Bartlesville Playground Association, a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to operate and manage the Kiddie Park.
Contributions to the Kiddie Park can be made through the following manners:
Sponsor a ride! (click here to expand this section)
Individuals or organizations willing to sponsor a ride can do so by making a $250.00 donation for an ad sign which will be made and displayed near the ride and $150.00 per year thereafter.
Non Monetary (click here to expand this section)
For individuals or organizations willing to donate goods or services, such as; to purchase concession equipment, building materials, etc. Please call the Kiddie Park for details at 918.336.5337 or Email us at manager@kiddiepark.net.
Monetary Individuals or Organizations (click here to expand this section)
Donations to the Kiddie Park are tax deductible. Click the following link to help in anyway you can.

Additionally, Donations can be by check, payable to "Bartlesville Area Friends of the Park" and mailed to:

Bartlesville Area Friends of the Park
Attn: John Miller, Treasurer
PO Box 1001
Bartlesville OK 74005
Path of Friends (click here to expand this section)
For details contact Ron Adams by phone at 918-519-9239 or by email at kdeprkpres_ron@sbcglobal.net. You can have a permanently engraved paving brick bearing the name of you, a loved one, or a special group or event for visitors to see. Your name can be part of the history of Kiddie Park, forever. For more information regarding the "Path of Friends" Click Here .
Fun Addict Clowns (click here to expand this section)
Special Thanks to the Bartlesville Fun-Addict Clowns for donating their time and efforts to support the Kiddie Park. The clowns do balloon creations on Friday evenings and donate 50% of the proceeds to the Kiddie Park. In the Summer of 1989, the Fun-Addicts were part of a multi-clown effort to raise $65,000 in order to purchase the Red Baron airplane ride children enjoy today. You can visit their web page at Click Here .