Booking private parties does not commence until June 1st. This gives our workers for this season time to feel confident about their jobs & training.
Birthday Parties
(Members of the public are permitted in the Park during the party)
Birthday Parties are allowed by reservation only due to limited space being available. A fee or deposit is not required for the use of the 'Birthday Zone', however, you are requested to clean up after your party, therefore, bring a trash bag to dispose of any trash you may generate. For Birthday Party reservations, please contact the Kiddie Park during operating hours after 6pm at 918.336.5337.
Private Parties
(Members of the public are not permitted in the Park during the party)
The Park can be rented during the season for special occasions outside of the daily opening schedule. We offer the park on Saturday mornings from 10am until 2pm. The rental fee is $400 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours. The Concession stand can be made available upon request for an additional charge. We will be booking Private Parties from June 1st onwards. If you are interested in booking a private party for your Church group or Company picnic please contact Dave or Elaine Lea at 918.336.5337 during park operating hours and after 6pm.