Volunteering At The Kiddie Park

Many years ago, Bill and Marge Beasley, owners of the Curtis Sporting Goods of Bartlesville, shared their vision with a handful of friends to create an amusement park for children and decided to call it, “The Kiddie Park.”

They all were willing to volunteer their time and efforts to see it come to life. As time went by, this handful of friends realized that for this vision to continue into the future, they must create a group of volunteers to manage the operations of the park.

The Bartlesville Playground Association was established and a board of directors appointed of local people who were willing to volunteer their time to see the dream live on, that time honored tradition continues today.

The only question remaining, is whether you want to donate your time for the good of the community.

Indeed, the Kiddie Park knows the importance of volunteers and is truly blessed to have such loving and caring individuals, willing to help in any way they can. The Kiddie Park has a number of projects throughout the season that require volunteers to pitch in and help.

Here are just a few of the ways you could donate your most valuable commodity… Your Time!


We always need plenty of volunteers that are willing to help us decorate the park for a Halloween atmosphere. We make it kid friendly and try to make it fun and not scary. For those who like to build props, we have a place for you to use your carpentery skills. Also, we can always use donations to help us to buy decorations and buy trick or treats for the kids.

During the Season

* Help in collecting tickets at the rides and assist our staff members in getting the children on and off the rides safely.

* Assist our staff members in operating the concession stand.

* Help in selling our Kiddie Park T-Shirts from our crazy little shack beyond the tracks, they call it The Kiddie Shack.

* Help assist our staff in the clean up of the park before our new season opens and do painting of rides and structures wherever the need is required.

* Help is also needed in the upkeep of our flower beds.


If you are interested in volunteering at the Kiddie Park, please print, complete our Volunteer Form, and return to us at the following address:
Kiddie Park
PO Box 405
Bartlesville OK 74005

Click on the PDF Button Below to get the Volunteer Form.

You can include some notes in this area and details about the info on this page.

You can include some notes in this area and details about the info on this page.